3 nasty things you have to do to your stag

3 nasty things you have to do to your stag

We know that it’s really hard to make fun of someone nowadays. But your friend is only getting married once, well, probably. You need to make something special for him that you will laugh a long time later. You have no idea? Don´t worry we bring you three exclusive tips on stag pranks.

1) Make him take a picture of a ballfie

Yeah, just make him. You can´t help him.  Well, if you don´t want to shoot his balls by yourself, leave it in his own direction. Do you wonder why it’s so modern to take a ballfie? Because the selfie is out! Selfie is a hit of girls from the elementary school and it´s not cool anymore. Today is modern to be a guy. A man. A hunk. Show your balls!

  • Find beautiful and historically important place. The atmosphere of this place have to grab you by your heart.
  • Stand back to the scenery, pull up your trousers, bend and take a photo of that panorama including your balls.
  • Post it on facebook, but only in the case that you don´t have your grandmother among your friends.

2) Buy costume of his favorite fairy-tale character

Every good man has gone through the lifetime when he

wanted to be a little princess. You don´t believe us? Just ask your mom who steals her make-up and lipsticks when you were a kid. Buy him a costume of Cinderella or Snow White, not a Wonder woman or Xena, the warrior princess – these are too feminist heroines, and you want to make your friend feel like he´s a real queen

3) Get him a fat stripper

Ok, we know that you´re not sure how to please your stag. Our personal advice is to buy him a lady who he will love. Getting him a sexy spectacle is what he trully needs. He´s gonna be excited because nothing is more sexy than lady with experiences and with body to love.