Foodporn in Prague

If you are going to visit the Czech Republic, you should know that it is a gastronomic paradise for all carnivores, in other words nothing for vegans.

Czech women are generally excellent cooks. They follow the rule: “If you’re going to cook to your husband pork with dumplings every day, he’ll die in his early thirties, but his love will be genuine.”

Just eat more hen’s asses, darling

Distribution of meals

A typical Czech’s menu consists of a smaller breakfast, a snack, a big lunch and an even bigger dinner. Types of meals also vary depending on the season. In other words, while we enjoy roasted pork with sauerkraut and seven dumplings in winter, during the summer season, due to unbearable heat, we will be satisfied with only six dumplings.


The most widely used ingredient are potatoes and flour, from which we make little soup dumpling,  real dumplings, dumplings stuffed with meat, sweet dumplings, Carlsbad dumplings, dumplings with parsley, dumplings without parsley, round dumplings, oval dumplings, gnocchi, raw dumplings, and roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut.

How you can see, the variability of our diet is enormous. 😀

It really does not make sense to eat rice while you´re in Prague.





Dumplings, still dumplings…



As for meat, we especially like pork, whatever its part, especially when it is baked, fried, grilled or roasted. More than roasted chickens we like roasted ducks and geese, because it´s bigger and what´s bigger is better. Plus it is even fatter. We really do not like tofu, and although you will find a lot of vegan, vegetarian, sugar free, gluten free and fat free restaurants in Prague, you’ll probably be sitting there alone. As Czechs we are more than helpful to vegetarians. In every restaurant there are two dishes for vegetarians on the menu. Which ones? Look down to part “Most popular dishes in CR“.

And so on…


The most important meal of the week is the Sunday lunch where the whole family meets. Usually the meal consists of meat, dumplings and beer. The most sophisticated of us (we greet Moravia) usually drink Czech wine, rum, vodka or any other liquorice made of anything, even from nuts, fruits, old bread and used socks.


Most popular dishes in the Czech Republic:

1.) Roast sirloin in sour cream sauce with dumplings






2.) Goulash with dumplings







Roasted duck with sauerkraut and dumplings







4.) and a VEGAN BONUS! Fried cheese and dumplings with fruit