Get wet in Prague

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a blockbuster! We’ve all already tried it, and we have to admit honestly that it was a deal to survive. It was a great challenge and a groovy ride! Our advice? More people equal more fun! Come to jump on your first wave and reward yourself for a great output with a welcome drink in Surf Arena! By the way – the pain you see in the face of the girl in the photo is real.

How it looks like:

First you hear the instructions. You need to know how to jump on the board properly, and what to do in case that you fall. Believe us, you will be falling all the time.

In the room there is tremendous noise due to the water, so you will not hear for the first few minutes after you leave the room, but it will be allright soon.

Then your instructor will show you techniques directly on the wave. For the first few minutes, you’ll try to lie on the board and you will be happy if you won´t be swept away from the board by the wave.

If you learn how to handle the board, you can try to own the wave and feel like a professional surfer.

After the surfing lesson, you will dry, take your clothes on, and drink something delicious like a reward.

We must admit that although it is a technically demanding activity, it is totally addictive. Once you try to stand on a board and discover the amazing feeling of being able to shake the wave, you will want to surf all the time.

Here are some tips from our first surf arena lesson:

Our knowledge:

  • Although you think the time spend in a fitnesscenter was helpful, it was not. It is so hard to stay on the board.
  • Surfing seems easy in all that american TV series, it´s nothing hard, even babies are surfing on a TV screen…yeah…you will see.
  • Neoprene looks sexy only on Stephanie Gilmore.
  • You are not the only one who is constantly asking himself “Where the fuck is the board again?” after you fall down hundred times and the board disappears in the waves…again
  • The others will be better than you….always
  • Yes, those people behind the glass really laugh at you.
  • You will not be able to move the next day but you will want to try it again! True story.

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