Message to stags from Chechnia, sorry Czechia

Czech republic is good place, very very good place, you will like it.

Locality (it means, where is it on the map):

Czech republic is situated in the centre of Europe. Central Europe means only the Czech Republic (maybe Slovakia, not sure). We are also known as Czechia. Czechia not Chechnia. Chechnia = muslims, Czechia = ateists. Just need to say that. Better safe then sorry.

Czechs (it means people in Prague. Just Prague):

Czechs are good people, very very good, you will like them. What means good? Well, good means not bad. We like beer. Beer is a liquid in the colour of urine and we are obssesed with it. We also like to go to restaurants for a dinner. What is dinner? Well it´s usually meat and beer, but mostly beer. Sometimes just a beer.

We don´t show our emotions. Usually we have only one emotion and it is an anger. If you ask Czech how it´s going bro? You get the answer :“It sucks“. If you are asked by a Czech person about your state of mind, never say, that you are OK. It sucks. Life sucks. Politicians sucks.

Prague (it means most important city in central Europe):

Our capital city is Prague. What is capital city? Well, it is a place with lots of people. We don´t have any other cities. Just Prague. Prague is like a Kapitol from Hunger Games. Brno? It sucks. Pardubice? It sucks. Just Prague. Remember it.

We have an airport in Prague. It´s called Ruzyně. Sometimes is called Václav Havel airport, but it is not correct. Who is Václav Havel? Well, it´s a man who approved bombarding Serbia. Serbia, not Syria. Serbia are good people, Syria is full of muslims. Google it. Better safe then sorry.

Our attitude:

We have a great sense of fashion. Socks in sandals? Our invention. You’re welcome. Thick girls in thongs? We. Again.

We do not like foreigners. We’re afraid that you will steal our excellent paid jobs and that you will drink all of our beer. There is no more important commodity than beer in Bohemia. Diamonds? Who cares. Gold? We still have some from our grandmas who were hiding it in front of the Nazis.

We speak many languages, but we are ashamed to speak on public. Sometimes it happens that if you ask someone on the street for an advice, the person just runs away. It’s not that he doesn´t speak English. He´s just ashamed.

In Prague you will enjoy a great time. What means enjoy? Well, it means have fun with a lot of beer.


So we introduced to you Prague and our style and we hope that you will come to see us to have some amusement J

Your Stag-Europe team

(well team means Vasil, Jekatěrina and our CEO Ahmed. No just joking, we´re all Czechs) J