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Basic package

  • Accomodation in apartments / *** hotel
  • Airport transport
  • Pub crawl
  • Entrance to lapdance club
  • Entrance to a night club
  • Grill & Strip
  • 24h assistance

In our cheapest package we still offer quality accomodation and of course the airport transport! Entrance to lapdance and night club is included. What´s special is the grill and strip show and of course you have a 24 hours assistance.


How it looks like:

Day 1

Your arrival will be celebrated, it is clear. Immediately upon arrival, you are greeted by your guide who will take you to the hotel. But the way you need to spice up, and so you go with beautiful stripper who create the right atmosphere.

In the evening we head into the vortex of the city. We shall look to the city center, where we show you the best clubs that our capital offers.

Day 2

You wake up and you are not feeling the best. Jump on a late breakfast and get some rest, after all need to gather strength for the evening. When it gets dark we go for a delicious dinner with a gorgeous stripper who groom show what he can do. Then let’s look to a strip club, where we´ll see the most beautiful girls. You dance and enjoy a few drinks. When you´ll be ready to dance weĺl go to a nightclub, where we will celebrate until dawn.

Day 3

O God, the mornings are terrible. Slowly you wake up and you pack your bags. It’s time for a last beer before departure. Your guide accompany you to the car that will take you to the airport and make sure that you have everything you need.

It’s time to go to the airport to fly back home.

Luckily those memories remain. See you next time 🙂