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Nasty package

modra holka
  • Accomodation in apartments / *** hotel
  • Airport transport
  • Pub crawl
  • Entrance to lapdance club
  • Entrance to a night club
  • Lesbi show
  • T shirt for stag
  • Grill & Strip
  • 24h assistance

Are you naughty boys and you want to enjoy a drink, dance and attention of pretty girls? We arrange everything for you. Nasty package is full of sexy views and hot ladies. Of course you will have free entrance to a lapdance club and a night club.


How it looks like:

Day 1

Upon arrival at the airport you will meet your guide who will accompany you to the car, where you can enjoy a strip show. Subsequently, the guide will help you to stay and get some space to prepare for the evening. It’s not just so, you will see in fact something quite extraordinary – a lesbian show. You can bet that you will be very satisfied. You have your eyes off it enough? It’s time to go and look around the city and try the best pubs that Prague offers. We will dance and drink until dawn.

Day 2

The second day is always difficult – head aches, stomach strike. Gain energy for the evening, you will enjoy a unique experience – a barbecue and strip. You get the most delicious steak and subsequently reached the juiciest show. To make our sexy stripper met the groom gets us Stag-europe shirt. You eat and enjoy as much as you enjoyed? It’s time to go, city center awaits us. Delightful bars, an enormous amount of clubs for men and free access to the best strip club in Prague. Give yourself a drink and sit down, the girls will dance for you very much. You have finished warming up, it’s time to go dancing and have fun until the morning! Here we go! Looking around the center of Prague and finally go to the best dance club!

Day 3

The phone is ringing, what’s happening? This will be your guide to tell you that it’s time to wrap up. She cares of you nicely, doesn´t she? Slowly wake up and go for a walk, because you are fighting hangover. Give a light lunch with a whole bunch and then pack the rest of stuff. The car arrives exactly on time. The guide check that you have everything and that everything is in order and say goodbye with you. It’s time to go to the airport to fly back home. Luckily those memories remain. See you next time 🙂