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Princess package

17861726 – excited dj girl on decks on the party
  • Bottle of champagne
  • Accomodation in *** hotel
  • Airport transport
  • Coctails
  • Dinner in fancy restaurant
  • Sexy male strip
  • Entrance to a night club
  • Pink sash for the bride
  • 24h assistance


Did you always dream about being a princess? Enjoy men’s attention, cocktails, great party and a delicious dinners.

We will make your bachelor party unforgettable. We give you champagne, wellness and party in a luxury club.


How it looks like:

Day 1

You arrive to the airport and our guide will pick you up there. He manages everything and take you to your hotel. After check-in, you will recieve a bottle of champagne. In the evening you´ll be picked up by your personal guide for an extraodrinary dinner! You can bet that you will be very satisfied.  It’s time to go and look around the city and try the best cocktail bars in Prague! You will dance and drink until dawn.

Day 2

The second day is always difficult – head aches, stomach strike. Gain energy for the evening, you will enjoy a unique experience – a barbecue and strip. You get the most delicious steak and subsequently reach the juiciest show.

To make our sexy stripper met the bride, she recieve a pink sash. It’s time to go, city center awaits us. Delightful bars, an enormous amount of clubs and free access to the best strip club in Prague. Give yourself a drink and sit down, the girls will dance for you very much. You have finished warming up, it’s time to go dancing and have fun until the morning! Here we go! Looking around the center of Prague and finally go to the best dance club!

Day 3

The phone is ringing, what’s happening? It´s our guide who tries to wake you up because you have to go now! Just wake up slowly and pack your bags, it´s time to leave Prague.

We know you have a hangover but maybe a little lunch will help you. After some refreshment the car will take you back to the airport where you wait for you plane. The guide will check that you have everything and that everything is in order and say goodbye to you. XoXo sweethearts, we will miss you. But we know that you´ll come back again :).