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Queen package

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  • Accomodation in *** hotel
  • Airport transport
  • Pub crawl
  • Sexy male stripper
  • Entrance to a night club
  • Tasty dinner
  • Pole dance lesson
  • 24h assistance


Have you ever been a savage who is the loudest in the club? Come with us on pole dance and show your skills on a party. Your hen party have to be the loudest, craziest and the most sexy experience? Check! We got it!


How it looks like:

Day 1

After your arrival to the airport in Prague there´s gonna be the cutest and sexiest guide ever. Just for you ladies!

He´s gonna help you with bags and take you to the car which will take you to your hotel. During the journey you can enjoy a sexy male strip. After arrival to your hotel, guide will leave you and let you prepare for the evening. You have to be ready because you´ll have a pole dance lesson! Believe us that´s something special. After this gym class we´ll take you dancing to the best club in Prague where you can enjoy all men´s attention.

Day 2

The second day is always difficult – head aches, stomach strike. But there´s nothing hard on the second day´s evening! You will have a tasty dinner in a fancy restaurant, some coctails, wine and everything will take place smoothly, no stress. After the dinner we´ll take you to some great and famous coctail bars where you can celebrate this evening.

Day 3

The phone is ringing, what’s happening? It´s time to go home ladies and we have to take care of you. Your personal guide will check that you have everything and say goodbye to you. It’s time to go to the airport and fly back home.

See you next time ladies! 🙂