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Wild package

  • Bottle of vodka
  • Accomodation in apartments / *** hotel
  • Airport transport
  • Pub crawl with welcome shots
  • Entrance to a lapdance club
  • Entrance to a night club
  • Visiting a brewery and beer tasting
  • 24h assistance


Who else knows about good alcohol as much as our country that has the biggest beer consumption in the world? We expect that you want to experience a pretty wild bachelor´s party. Wild package is about drinks and welcome shots and of course visiting the brewery.


How it looks like:

Day 1

Wild package is all about enjoying and tasting of alcohol in our country. A drink that better represents the Czech Republic than beer? The first day will be picked up at the airport by guide who will welcome you and lead you to the car. Enjoy the pleasant sight of a beautiful stripper that will spice up the way to the hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel you are staying in you´ll recieve a gift – bottle of vodka. You need to get some rest before a wild evening. We shall look to several pubs where you will be welcomed by shots and enjoy a nice guided evening.

Day 2

The night was hot, but now you have to prepare for a visit of the brewery. You do not taste, but go! There is nothing more delicious than original Czech beer. Enjoy a variety of types and colors of our delicious beverage. In the evening, you will visit a strip club with the most beautiful girls that Prague has to offer. You want something to drink and enjoy the necessary lap dance. Like? That’s the way it’s supposed to be. It’s time to go look into the clubs in the city center and enjoy the attention of girls. We finish the morning, because it looks exactly like a wild bachelor party.

Day 3

The phone is ringing, what’s happening? It is call from your guide to tell you that it’s time to wrap up. He cares of you nicely, do not you? Slowly wake up and go for a walk, because you are fighting hangover. Take a light lunch with a whole bunch and then pack the rest of stuff. The car arrives exactly on time. The guide check that you have everything and that everything is in order and say goodbye with you. It’s time to go to the airport to fly back home.

Luckily those memories remain. See you next time 🙂