Terms & conditions

Please read carefully the information below, if you are not satisfied on any parts contact us for clarification. Agronel Bohemia s.r.o. is an organiser of the activities not a direct supplier of activities.
The services are supplied by our licenced activity partners.
Bookings can be made either via our webpage by filling in the booking details in each section, or by telephone, or email. Upon reception of the booking details each group will receive a full itinerary of the booking together with all the information hereby relevant.
There are no additional payments to be paid to Hotels / Apartments / Hostels on arrival. Outstanding balance payments are to be cleared upon pre –agreed terms.

Extras in accomodation objects are to be paid by customer.
We usually require approximately 15% deposit on booking confirmation, this deposit is only refundable if the booking is cancelled more than 14days before arrival.

If the booking is canceled upon giving us adequate notice the deposit can be used as a credit towards a future travel to Prague. Such travel must be made inside the same year the deposit was paid, after the year finishes it cannot be used and the deposit will not be refunded.
The balance payment is to be paid at the latest one week prior to arrival, or on arrival in cash CZK, EUR, USD, SEK, CHF or GBP according to the current exchange rate( actual ČNB Czech national bank rate).
Such cash payment can only be accepted in cases where we have credit card details as insurance, and where the holder is deemed to have agreed that the balance can be taken from the card if at least 7 days notice of cancellation is not given. By providing the card details, the card holder is deemed to have read and agreed to the booking terms as described above.

In cases where Agronel Bohemia s.r.o. fails to provide the service allocated, the client will be fully reimbursed.
Please notice: Individual cancelation terms will apply by Hotels / Apartments / Hostels, these differ from location to location and will be available on request.
Payment of deposit

15% of total price holding deposit will be required upon booking confirmation.
There are several forms of payment that we may accept:
A. Credit or Debit card payment through our on-line 3D secure payment gate. You will receive a link for 3D secure card payment. You will follow the instructions and complete the payment.(GOpay)

B. Credit or Debit card payment through our on-line terminal.(FIO BANK)
You can call us your card number and expiry date and we can proceed the payment directly with our card terminal.
In case of higher amount to be paid is required to fill in the mail order.
The terminal might be also used directly at our office.
The card will be always debited only for the agreed transaction.

C. Bank transfer
Please notice sufficient time is required for international transaction, usually it takes 3-5 working days!
You will receive an invoice with all the essentials for the international transaction.

D. Cash payment at our office
We accept payments of deposit, full amount or balance payments in cash (EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, SEK or CZK according to the current exchange rate).
Agronel Bohemia s.r.o. automaticly does not provide any insurance. Can be purchased upon special request. Please make sure that you are covered by adequate travel insurance from your own country including coverage for cases of participation in any extreme sport activities.
Participants in relevant activities will be asked to sign a disclaimer form. Signing of such form is conditional for participation in the activity, failure to do so will mean automatic non – participation in that event, and non – refund of money paid.

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